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Former Fox News Host Claims Trump Tried to Kiss Her, But the Truth Is Very Different

Liberals are trying to pump a story today by a former Fox News co-host, Juliet Huddy, who says that President Donald Trump tried to kiss her in an elevator after they went out to lunch in 2005.

From Biz Pac Review:

“He took me for lunch at Trump Tower, just us two,” she told “Mornin’!!! With Bill Schulz,” Page Six reported. “He said goodbye to me in an elevator while his security guy was there; rather than kiss me on the cheek he leaned in to kiss me on the lips. I wasn’t offended, I was kind of like, ‘Oh my god.’”

Huddy was quick to point out that she never felt “threatened” by the future president when the incident occurred in “2005 or 2006.”

“I was surprised that he went for the lips. But I didn’t feel threatened … he took me out to lunch to talk about maybe me doing something with ‘The Apprentice.’ He used to watch ‘Fox & Friends,’ the show I was hosting on the weekend. Whatever, everything was fine. It was a weird moment. He never tried anything after that, and I was never alone with him,” she said.

She said that he later joked about it years later with her.

“Trump was a guest and he came on stage, He said, to the audience and producers, not on camera, ‘I tried hitting on her but she blew me off.’ He was laughing. At the time I was not offended by it, I thought he was a single man and leaned in for a kiss… maybe he thought, ‘She’s been out to lunch with me and maybe she is interested,’” she said.

While she was not offended at the time, she said that now she has “matured” she would say “Woah, no,” that maybe he didn’t mean to do it.

She said that while Trump has always been nice to her, she since has been offended by his saying that he didn’t believe allegations of sexual harassment against Bill O’Reilly. Huddy was one of O’Reilly’s accusers. She reportedly made a settlement with him.

She said, “I was actually very disappointed in Trump, I thought, ‘You know what, f–k you.’ He [Trump] has met me a bunch of times and he knows I am not [a liar].”

Once her story came out, naturally liberals were off to the races, accusing Trump of ‘sexual assault’ or calling Huddy ‘another victim.’

The Boston Herald is even spreading a lie, that she said he was married when he did it when she said no such thing. More fake news.

She was not sure exactly when it was but she said he was single.

She also blew apart the victim story saying she didn’t view it badly.

Huddy also interviewed Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign on “Fox & Friends” by phone and made no mention the incident, and had no issue with doing the interview, obviously.

First, it’s a non-starter if as a single man, they go out to a lunch and he tries to kiss her, as even she recognized at the time.

Why she’s bringing it up now is not clear, but obviously, she wasn’t offended by it and didn’t see it as an issue.

People are getting really a bit crazy if that’s considered offensive or abnormal.

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